Affordable MDM Solutions for Small Businesses

Master data management (MDM) is a method of helping companies link all their critical data to one common point of reference. When MDM is properly implemented, it improves the data quality while streamlining and optimizing the data-sharing process across different employees and departments. Additionally, MDM can help the companies in computing multiple platforms, architectures, and applications. MDM surely has many benefits for the companies that implement it, no matter their size. Following are some affordable MDM solutions for small businesses.

AirWatch is one of the simplest and straightforward MDM solutions available for small businesses. This MDM is owned by VMware and is an open ecosystem. Therefore, it integrates with software such as Dropbox and Office 365. This MDM is VMware’s honest attempt toward creating a hassle-free experience for its users. AirWatch is compatible with various operating systems and achieves the key point needed for a good MDM. Pricing for this device is based on per device and per month. This includes app management, email management, and device management.

Codeproof is one of the newest MDM options currently in the market and is ideal for small businesses that want to secure their devices without investing a lot of money in the process. Codeproof offers two packages: enterprise level and professional level. The enterprise-level MDM covers many points that small businesses may need from an MDM solution. In fact, it offers much more than what these businesses might need. Professional level MDM is the ideal MDM solution for small businesses. It covers all their needs without being costly. Both of these options are compatible with various devices and operating systems.

Cisco Meraki
Cisco Meraki has the backing and experience of a brand like Cisco. It offers multiple products that are meant to help businesses of all sizes. Meraki is a cloud-based eco-system, which provides support to a variety of devices like network switching hubs, phones, security cameras, and wireless routers, among others. It brings all these devices on a single platform using effective device management software. If you are planning to stick to just one company for all your company’s needs, Cisco Meraki is your ideal choice. This company offers one of the best MDM solutions for small businesses at a very affordable price and without complexities. The price of the packages depends on the kind of devices you select.