Best Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices at an Affordable Price

The advent of the GPS kicked off an era in which we all know our location at all times. Using GPS to track our loved ones or finding our way to a favorite restaurant has become so common that we do not realize how much we are dependent on GPS. This technology has changed how we travel. Today, it is doing a lot more than helping us travel by helping track people, vehicles, and pets. Here are two of the best vehicle GPS tracking devices that are not only durable but also quite affordable.

The SPOT Gen3 is a sturdy GPS device that is capable of surviving harsh environments. This GPS device has a rubber shell that covers thoroughly around the plastic body and helps in protecting it against falls and shocks. The rubber shell also waterproofs the device up to a certain extent. Apart from high material quality, this GPS also has a good satellite phone system, which makes this GPS tracker a good choice. Almost all GPS trackers rely on phone signals, but the SPOT Gen3 goes a step further and uses satellite signals to help you navigate and track a vehicle in places with no cell phone network. With the SPOT Gen3, you can set up GPS updates, wherein the device will set updates of the vehicle every few minutes that you have decided and can be set to as low as 2.5 minutes. The price of this SPOT Gen3 is around $150 on Amazon.

MOTOSafety GPS Trackers
If you are looking for a GPS tracker for your car or for your young children’s cars, you can consider investing in the trackers made by MOTOSafety. Their trackers keep on eye on the target car using a free mobile app that updates the location of the car in every 60 seconds. In addition to the regular updates, this tracker device lets you set boundaries for the cars and notifies you if a particular boundary is crossed. MOTOSafety is ideal for teenage drivers because it has a setting where it tells the parents about the driving habits of their kids with details down to braking, speed, and acceleration. It also updates you from time to time about the amount of gas in your car; this ensures that you and your kids never forget to fill the tank. Their GPS tracking devices are quite affordable. The devices that connect to the On-board diagnostics II port of the car cost around $25 on Amazon.